Bioline Foam Shampoo for pets 220g

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  1. Foam shampoo is a convenient and healthy option for both cats and dogs, as it eliminates the need for rinsing and provides a long-lasting fragrance. It is easy to clean and promotes the overall well-being of pets.
  2. The deodorant cleansing solution not only cleans the fur but also offers protective benefits. It contains special German medicinal herbs that enhance fur convergence and are gentle on pet skin, making it suitable for sensitive pets.
  3. This product possesses a natural antibacterial effect and features a neutral, tear-free formula. It efficiently sterilizes without causing any irritation and leaves no residue behind.
  4. Specifically designed for cold seasons and situations where traditional bathing is not suitable, such as for pregnant pets, kittens, puppies, or sick pets. It is also ideal for cleaning pets while traveling or those under 12 weeks old.
  5. To use, dispense an appropriate amount of foam and gently massage it onto your pet. Massage for 3-5 minutes to ensure thorough coverage. This method is convenient and time-saving.
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